Once you have obtained planning permission from the local authority for the size, appearance, materials and access of your project, you will need to comply with the building regulations. A building regulations certificate can be obtained by your building contractor, who will need to consult with an approved building control during the project who will carry out inspections to ensure the work carried out complies with the legislation.

Alternatively, you can have building regulations drawings produced. These will be submitted to building control and be approved before any work is carried out on site. This means that from the outset, the client, the contractor and building control are all aware of the full specification and requirements for the project and there are no surprises during the construction phase. The building control inspector will visit at set points during construction to ensure the work carried out complies with the approved drawings. We would recommend that the approved building regulations drawings are used to obtain quotes from building contractors to ensure they are all pricing from the same specification. This will help to avoid disputes with your selected contractor during of after the project.

We are happy to further explain the options available to you, specifically to your project.